Tushar Deshmukh

Lost appx 6 Kgs and appx 2 inches

I always thought something is going wrong with my food inspite of my active lifestyle with regular Gym and Other fitness regimen . I tried almost all the Diet programs, Cleansing, Protein, Fat Free, Sugar Free, food , Keto ,supplements etc, etc. but none of the things really helped me in loosing weight to a reasonable level . After that, through one of my friends I came to know about Dr Shweta & I thought to consult with her.
At our first counseling, Shweta asked about my current life style, food habits, likes/dislikes, medical history /supplements Based on my complete details & she made some changes to my diet. I followed her instructions 100%, and to my complete amazement, I felt better within a week with her innovative diet plans !! I couldn't believe it- it was completely life changing. I continued my sessions with Shweta and continued to follow the plan she put together for me and my crazy life-style including overseas business trips Its been almost 3 months now, I have lost appx 6 Kgs / appx 2 inches from my waist and it's has been life changing. I look and feel amazing!!!
Shweta will teach you so many tips and tricks for eating healthy in any situation- work events, weddings, traveling, dinner parties etc. She will show you how to dissect restaurant menus, read ingredient labels, what to and how to cook delicious healthy meals with her most innovative Eat fit app and weekly diet sessions.
Shweta is the BEST Dietician I ever came across. Her passion, talent and understanding towards Lifestyle/nutrition is simply superb. I won't hesitate to say that it will be the best money you ever spend. You feel empowered and know how to take care of your body. You will feel amazing. You will look amazing.?Shweta and her team has done a Gr8 job keeping in mind my likes and dislikes in a very appropriate manner.i truly appreciate her wealth of knowledge in nutrition and thoughtful ideas to make diet plan more interesting and innovative which really helped me how to continue healthy and active every day . I would like to wish her all the very best and may god bless her and help her to realised many more milestones and Dreams. Thanks and Cheers !!!!