EatFit247 is led by the discipline of eating right food, right time & right quantity.

Being a celebrity Dietician & a Nutritionist, I come across lot of people wanting to lose some weight, look beautiful & get rid of diseases.

Most of the common questions to me are 1) Tell us how celebrities are maintaining their weight and how do they look so stunning all the time. 2) how can I maintain a flat belly?

Health Care is a Commitment to SELF

My first advice to everyone is to care of their own self.

Health is an important factor to be considered in routine & that’s the basic factor which differentiates any Celebrity from other people.

Often people forget the commitment they make themselves for staying fit & healthy. This leads to weight gain, poor skin damages on the face & other areas, loss of charm on face, disliked body shape & much more, diseases like diabetes, cholesterol increase etc.

My Mantra, “HealthCare is a Commitment to SELF”. The first & foremost priority is self-care. This doesn’t mean eating or following a diet plan only, it is actually following a regime for self. Eat right, eat on time, eat proper quantity as per the body type and metabolism. Each of us has a unique metabolism & digestive system. The food intake quantity, time, quality of food each one is equally important to be taken care.

? A healthy & heavy breakfast
? Avoiding fizz drinks often
? Eating less Junk food
? Low calorie intake

Are some of the reasons which all of us know for weight gain & obesity. However, the root cause of the same is never addressed. Celebrities are focused, since they have to give lot of public appearances and they tend to keep fit to look charming & glorious. Since they have a team to source food & prepare each meal with proper proteins & vitamins value, it becomes easier to follow the regime. For others it becomes a headache.

Here are some tips which most of the celebrities follow & common people don’t pay much attention to it: -

? Eating small meals
? Having nutritious food then the junk
? Always eat freshly cooked food only
? Proper portion of food in every meal with the exact diet which health experts suggests.

One of the most important things which I admire in celebrities I personally give diet plan is they do as I suggest & respect my word & plan for their food intake. Yoga, meditation & exercise a bit makes everything go perfect. Sounds simple but it’s the most difficult regime to follow especially when you have one shoot in midnight & another in evening OR travel all the time for work.

I wish to create a happy & healthy world and so we have planned to make some free recipes & diet plans for individuals to follow. However, knowing the body type & creating a customized plan would create the perfect change.

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