An Instagram live was conducted by the celebrity nutritionist Shweta Shah along with the famous cricketer Mahindra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni on the 1st of November 2020 and the following report gives a gist on the salient features of the same!

Definition of Health: According to Sakshi Dhoni, health is the absence of ailment, and other things additionally that judges your health is when you feel a good energy level within you.

Though CT Scans and blood reports are present they are just numbers according to Nutritionist Shweta Shah. However, nature does not have anything such as numbers, and hence your level of health is determined by the natural cycles and the following 8 clear signs.

Also due to 2020 and pandemic, a lot of people are running behind “health” and hence to determine your actual level here is a health scorecard with 8 signs. 

1. Timely excretion of waste from the body

2. No excess weight

3. Clear skin

4. Energy throughout the day

5. A strong feeling of hunger

6. Experiencing good sleep

7. No pain throughout your body

8. Experiencing positive thoughts

Having all of these ticked off means you are very healthy. Sakshi Dhoni scored a six out of eight on the score card and according to Celebrity Dietician Shweta Shah, it is quite a good score and is definitely a healthy one. For Sakshi, another factor that decides health is being “wholesome”.


A small description of Vata, pitta, kapha:

1. Vata: this category consists of the following people

a)      who cannot sit in one place,

b)      has too many thoughts going around at the same time,

c)      is creative,

d)     is very talkative

However, it is found that if these people fall out of balance then they will feel really constipated. These people even during lockdown will have their travel plans right on schedule.

Tip for this category of people: Mix castor oil and ginger powder and add a bit of jaggery for taste and have it at bedtime for balancing your Vata Prakriti.

2. Pitta: this category consists of the following people:

a)      energetic

b)      joyful

c)      pride of the group

d)     can’t control anger and frustration

these people are generally the ones that are excited for workouts to happen and have new projects going on even during the lockdown.

3. Kapha: this type includes the following people:

a)      clam

b)      pleasant

c)      loving

d)     caring

e)      does not matter much about other things

These people are found in professions such as teachers or counselors. However, their metabolism is sluggish, and does not love workouts, and mostly loves Netflix and chill!


It is seen that while some have one Prakriti, others will have dual or multiple Prakriti existing together which decides their routines. 


How to improve health score- Simple Diet plan suggested by Celebrity Nutritionist Shweta Shah:

1. Drink ash-gourd juice in the morning or have coconut water as an alternative.

2. Begin your breakfast with fruits as they are rich in water content and helps clean the body

3. You can have roti, sabzi, and other complex carbs during lunchtime

4. In the evening you can have nuts and seeds so that you get healthy fats as well.

They are however only 5 seeds that are actually healthy and are given as follows:

a)      Sesame seeds

b)      Sunflower seeds

c)      Pumpkin seed

d)     Muskmelon seeds

e)      Flax seeds

It is also recommended by Nutritionist Shweta Shah that one should avoid eating raw salads. However, having stir-fry as an alternative will be a good option.

Questions by Sakshi Dhoni:

Q. how to control the sweet cravings especially with Diwali and the festive season around?

Sugar cravings just take everything away and give nothing back to you. However as in the olden times, if you eat chickpeas coated with jaggery for seven days, your sugar cravings will be reduced to a high extent.

Other alternatives one can try are: peanut chikki, coconut flakes with almonds

It is important to not have self-denial, as this can cause a major disruption to your hard work. Also having little sweets every day can be considered as normal. However processed sugar should be avoided if possible and should be limited to only 2 times a week.

Do not use keto desserts are these can also be unhealthy when it comes to calories. Even if you feel like having sweets stick to only one while also thinking of the hard work it took to reach this level.

Q. Does climate affect body and diet?

Definitely yes. Some food like those had in the winter cannot be taken in summer as the Prakriti balance is then all lost. E.g. Watermelon is a summer food and cannot be taken at any other time even if it is available all year round.

Some extra health tips:

1. for hair:

Chlorine and fluorine have damaged the hair. However, a pack can be used with the following ingredients:

a)      jatamansi

b)      amla powder

c)      methi seeds

d)     hibiscus powder

e)      rose powder

f)       clove powder

Use this pack for thrice in 10 days to reduce your hair fall by 80%.

2. for memory:

Use the following mix:

a)      Flex seeds 100gms

b)      Pumpkin seed 100gms

c)      Sunflower seeds 100gms

d)      Dry dates 150gms

e)       Musk melon seeds 100gms

f)       Palm jeggry 150 gms

g)      Fennel seeds 50gms

h)      Almond 100gms

i)        Walnuta 50gms

Use all of these and mix together to increase the memory power.

3. To calm down acid levels:

Use soaked saunf and 8 black raisins along with some ash gourd juice.

4.  for gas and bloating:

Boil coriander seeds, cumin seeds, ajwain, fennel, and strain it and drink it warm every day on an empty stomach in the morning. This will resolve all the issues related to bloating and gas.

Following all of these tips and remedies, you can definitely score an 8 on 8 on your health scorecard!


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